Meeting a Need

Risk Watch Systems provides a comprehensive cloud supported service that is a cost effective approach to addressing the regulatory demands of medical emergency and safety programming. Of particular value to institutions that do not have an in-house capacity for continuous medical or safety oversight, we provide a systematic third party compliance audit that will assure that risk reduction standards put in place remain in place.

The Web-based Advantage

This robust system is a 100% web based application that provides access from anywhere and at anytime to all elements of your plan, allows our experienced staff to continuously monitor compliance with important standards in real time, provides ongoing professional support, maintains program records, and identifies potential problems before they happen.

Easy to Use

Designed to readily integrate with varied operating systems and web browsers, end users and managers will appreciate the ease with which they can directly access their plan and documents, update information, and receive on-line training.

Comprehensive and Scalable

The system provides extensive features and functionality that supports planning specificity for diverse institutions, yet is easily configured to accommodate the needs and size of any organization.

Fully Integrated

The application seamlessly integrates all medical emergency and safety requisites into a single, integrated system that can expand with your organization’s needs.

Dynamic Value

The system evolves with your expanding needs. Partnering with an experienced group of software engineers, we constantly focus on adaptability to our customer’s needs and unlike many other commercial applications our programming continuously improves with any changes seamlessly applied at no additional cost to the customer.

Information Security

Security and audit provisions allow our client organizations to control access at all user levels, tracking all events and systems usage. Your information is safely and permanently maintained in multiple locations, available when you need it.


“… a cost effective, cloud supported approach to addressing the regulatory demands of medical emergency and safety programming.”

The Web Based Advantage

  • No initial license fee
  • Available by annual subscription
  • Scalable to all planning needs
  • Complete system support
  • Accessible on most platforms
  • Secure data maintenance
  • Data restoration within 24 hours
  • Seamless updates applied without charge