Effective Safety Management

There is an ethical and legal obligation for organizations to assure a safe environment. Effective safety management mitigates the risk of human tragedy and reduces exposure to the financial loss associated with property damage, injury, and litigious action. Risk Watch Systems makes it easy to manage, track, report, and benchmark safety data – providing the management team assurance that risk controls put in place remain effective.

Providing an Integrated System

Our holistic approach integrates multiple safety needs into a single system. This provides a comprehensive picture of your organization’s overall regulatory compliance. With but a few key strokes the management team can compare safety performance markers against planning standards, providing quality assurance metrics that permit immediate corrective and preventive action.

A Dynamic and Scalable Management Tool

We build our cloud supported management tool around your safety needs; there is no “force fit” of your plan into a static piece of software. This approach avoids multiple software packages and allows you to expand your program on the same platform as it is needed.

Meaningful at All User Levels

Effective safety management is more than a spreadsheet. Our system is meaningful at all user levels, from the executive suite to the jobsite. Fully documenting all regulatory requirements and procedures, it prepares and trains likely responders, tracks critical data, and systematically benchmarks compliance with your planning standards.

A Comprehensive Management Tool

Our cloud supported solution allows rapid access to all components of the system at anytime from anywhere – 24/7! Data is quickly collected and reporting histories accessed using mobile scanning. Our proprietary RWS/BlackBoxSafetyTM mobile technology offers full off-line functionality, retaining reported data until syncing with the cloud via your network. If the network goes down your information remains intact, available, and secure!

Actionable Data

All reporting information is actionable. Non-compliant data requires comment and corrective action at the user level. Performance metrics are systematically submitted to the management team confirming the worksite’s compliance and readiness status.

Assuring Due Diligence

No system will assure quality or mitigate risk without consistent application. Without due diligence, you simply document non-compliance. Our strategy defines an inclusive team who will focus on a common goal with the assistance of our third party audit. It is a proven system design that reinforces due diligence at all user levels.

Safety Management

“… assurance that risk controls put in place remain effective.”

Comprehensive Planning and Support

  • Safety Signage
  • Building Security
  • Fire Safety
  • HazMat Safety
  • Medical Device and Drug Tracking
  • Rescue Equipment Tracking
  • Spa, Pool and Open Water Safety
  • Fitness and Recreational Safety