Is Your Organization Prepared?

The community emergency response system often can not react quickly enough to affect a meaningful outcome for the victim of a life threatening illness or injury. Because of this, business, schools, fitness facilities, recreational programs and the hospitality and airline industry have been increasingly charged with the “duty to respond” in the event of a medical emergency.

Do not jeopardize your business!

Responding to a life threatening incident is one of the most frightening events that can occur for non-medical personnel. The most common response is one of hesitancy and uncertainty. Such an unprepared, reactive approach can bring charges of gross negligence, damage a public perception of safety, and result in lengthy and costly litigation.

Providing Solutions

Our comprehensive approach provides a specific plan of action that documents regulatory requirements and assures a coordinated system of immediate care while initiating the EMS system. Responding to a medical emergency is about your plan and your staff getting it right each and every time!

Continuing to Work with You

Services that are limited to initial planning generate good intentions, but eventually fall into a pattern of lax compliance. Inevitably, when a medical crisis occurs planning and training is forgotten. And that is why we continue to work with our clients.

Assuring Compliance

From planning to compliance assurance to provision of care, no other company focuses on the continuum of service that we do. Together we will form a management oversight team that includes a program specialist who will use our unique web enabled system to help you manage one of the most critically important institutional responsibilities you may ever assume.


“Responding to a medical emergency is about your plan and your staff getting it right each and every time!”

Comprehensive Planning and Support

  • EMS Provider and Activation
  • Communication and Arrival Strategy
  • Site Specific Action Plan
  • Response Team Training and Certification
  • Automatic Expiration Notification
  • Equipment Specification and Ready Status
  • Emergency Signage
  • Incident Review and Report Maintenance