About Us

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Our mission is to provide and support an integrated medical emergency and safety management system that will mitigate risk to life and property. We prepare an organization to respond successfully in the event of a crisis that may happen only once in that organization’s history.

Management teams often focus on initial safety planning that generates good intentions. However, most then fall into a pattern of lax compliance with recognized standards. Inevitably, when a crisis occurs it is addressed with hesitancy and uncertainty, a response which can result in property loss and/or a tragedy that brings charges of negligence, costly litigation, catastrophic judgment, and a loss in the public’s perception of a safe environment. Effective risk management is essential. 
The most likely crisis an institution will face will be a medical emergency and we specialize in preparing an organization to respond quickly and effectively to that event. But we also provide a comprehensive system of risk management that includes building signage and security, fire safety, HazMat safety, medical device and drug tracking, first responder and rescue equipment tracking, spa, pool and open water safety, and fitness and recreational safety.

Our system is holistic, integrating the needs of an organization into a single comprehensive system that benchmarks compliance with specified standards, generating metrics that allow rapid corrective action when needed. We make sure that standards put in place remain in place, and your facility prepared for an event you hope never happens. Scalable to many institutions our services are ideal for small business, general industry, clinics, schools, and the hospitality and recreational environment.

To implement this system RiskWatchSystems provides a unique, cloud supported management tool with proprietary mobile technology that assures actionable reporting, corrective action, and secure data maintenance.

Effective safety management requires consistent due diligence. To assure this, we work with the client providing full system support, a third party compliance audit, and professional consultation.
 RiskWatchSystems brings our service to you either directly or through qualified providers.